Postdoctoral Researchers:

Nicoleta M. Muresan (2010-13, EPSRC Associate/Doppler Associate), Senior Scientist at Johnson Matthey, UK.

Masaru Kato (2010-13, JSPS Fellow/EPSRC Associate), Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University (Division of Environment Material Science), Japan.Contact,

Chia-Yu Lin (2012-13, Taiwan National Science Council Fellow/EPSRC Associate), Assistant Professor at National Cheng Kung University (Department of Chemical Engineering), Taiwan.   Contact,

Tsubasa Sakai (2011-13, Suntory Life Science Fellow), Research Staff Scientist at Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences, Japan.

Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı (2012-2014, Schlumberger Research Fellow & NanoForum Fellow), Teaching Fellow in Material Characterization, Department of Materials, Imperial College London.

Chris Madden (2012-2014, BBSRC Research Fellow), Laboratory Safety and Compliance Officer, Ohio University, USA

Chris Windle (2013-2015, EPSRC Research Fellow), Postdoctoral research associate, University of Grenoble, France. 

Hyun Seo Park (2013-2015,Doppler Research Associate), Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST), Seoul, South Korea. Assistant professor at Korea University of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea.    Contact,

Christine A. Caputo (2012-2015, Doppler Associate/Marie Curie Fellow),  Assistant Professor at University of New Hampshire, USA.   Contact, 

Chong-Yong Lee (2013-2015, Marie Curie/BBSRC Research Fellow),  Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at University of Wollongong, Australia. 

Tarek Kandiel (2015-2016, Newton-Mosharafa Research Fellow), Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Sohag University (the Faculty of Science), Egypt.   Contact,

Micaela Rocio-Crespo (2015-2016, Marie Curie Research Fellow), Open Access Policy Manager at Université de Lausanne.

Jesper Jacobsson (2016-2017, EPSRC Research Associate), Postdoc, Uppsala University, Sweden

Katherine Orchard (2012-2017, NanoForum Fellow), Consultant at Element Energy, UK

Sarah Karmel (2015-2017, Blavatnik Fellow)

Moritz Kuehnel (2012-2017, Christian Doppler Fellow), Lecturer at Swansea University

Bertrand Reuillard (2015-2018, BBSRC Research Associate), Post Doctoral Researcher at CEA Grenoble

Dong Heon Nam (2016-2018, Samsung Research Associate)

Khoa Hoang Ly (2016-2018, Marie Curie Research Fellow)

William Robinson (2017-2018, ERC Research Associate)

Jenny Zhang (2013-2018, Marie Curie Research Fellow), BBSRC David Phillips Fellow, Contact:

Kristian Dalle (2015-2018, Christian Doppler Research Associate)

Karol Fijałkowski (2016-2018, PL MNiSW Mobility Plus Research Fellow)

Nikolay Kornienko (2016-2018, Royal Society Newton Fellow), Assistant Professor at University of Montreal, Canada. Contact:

Nina Heidary (2017-2018, ERC Research Associate)

Geani Ucoski (2018-2019, CNPQ Fellow)

Demetra Achilleos (2016-2019, Christian Doppler Research Associate)


PhD students:

Fezile Lakadamyalı (2010-14, EPSRC PhD student), Senior Product Development Chemist at Johnson Matthey, UK.

Claire Wombwell (2010-14, EPSRC PhD student, Research Scientist at CrystecPharma, UK.

Yi-Hsuan Lai (2011-15, Cam Trust/Doppler PhD Student), Assistant Professor, Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan.  Contact: email

Dirk Mersch (2011-15, NanoDTC PhD Student), Director of Cambridge Innovation Consulting, UK.

Nicholas Paul (2011-15, Winton PhD Student), Postdoc at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Manuela Gross (2012-16, Doppler PhD Student), Catalyst Development Scientist at Econic Technologies, UK

Benjamin Martindale (2012-17, Oppenheimer PhD Student), Postdoc at Harvard University, USA

Tim Rosser (2012-17, EPSRC PhD Student), JSPS postdoc fellow at the University of Tokyo, Japan

Dave Wakerley (2012-17, EPSRC PhD Student), Postdoc at Collège de France in Paris, France

Georgina Hutton (2013-2017, Poynton PhD Student)

Janina Willkomm (2013-2017, Doppler PhD Student)

William Robinson (2013-2017, NanoDTC PhD Student)

Jane Leung (2014-2018, Woolf Fisher PhD Student)

Katarzyna Sokol (2014-2019, EPSRC PhD Student)

Hatice Kasap (2014-2019, Doppler PhD Student)

Charles Creissen (2015-2019, NanoDTC PhD Student)

MPhil students:

Christina Chang (2013-14, Marshall scholar), PhD student at Harvard University, USA.

David Palm (2014-15, Churchill scholar), PhD student at Stanford University, USA.

Jamues Ng (2015-16, Singapore Ministry of Education scholar), General Education Officer with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Sarah Lamaison (2016-17, Corps of Bridges, Waters & Forests), PhD Student at Collège de France in Paris, France

Julian A. Vigil (2017-2018, Winston Churchill Foundation of the USA)


Willem Zwetsloot: Part III undergraduate student in 2015/2016. Left the group to work as an accountant.

Thomas Sayer: Part III undergraduate student in 2015/2016. Left group to pursue PhD studies in Cambridge.

Anya Schlosser: Erasmus student in 2015/16 from Leibniz University in Hannover. Left group to write her Master's thesis with Volkswagen.

Tom Stubbs: BBSRC rotation student in 2013. Left group to pursue PhD studies in Cambridge.

Laurence Taylor: Part  III undergraduate student (Fitzwilliam College) in 2012/13.  Left the group to pursue PhD studies at St. Andrews.

Bettina Basel: Summer student from the University of Erlangen, Germany in 2012 (Doppler / Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes).

Janina Willkomm: Erasmus student from the University of Hannover in 2011/12. Returned to Hannover to start her Master's project. Came back to the group to purse her PhD!

Eugene Chan: Part  III undergraduate student (St. Edmund's College) in 2011/12. Returned to Singapore as Civil Servant.

Jon Goodwin: Part III undergraduate student (Trinity Hall) in 2010/11. Left the group to pursue PhD studies at Sheffield.

Andrew Underwood: Part III undergraduate student (Selwyn College) in 2010/11. Left the group to work for Delloite.

Ellen Swift: Final year undergraduate student (MChem) in 2009/10 at Manchester. Left the group to take up a position as Production/Research and Development Chemist at Glycosynth Limited, UK.

Vignon Mansilla: Worked in the group as an undergraduate student for 6 weeks during Summer 2010 as a Nuffield bursar. Left the group to study at the University of California, Berkeley in her 3rd undergraduate year.

Dominik Wielend: Erasmus student in 2016/2017. Returned to Linz to start his Master´s project.

Franziska Nousch: Erasmus student in 2016/2017.

Tim Boyd: Part III undergraduate student (Trinity Hall) in 2016/2017.

Satowa Kinoshita: Part III undergraduate student (St John´s) in 2016/2017.

Hamish Lamotte: Part III undergraduate student (Selwyn College) in 2017/2018.

Helen Huang: Part III undergraduate student (Sidney Sussex College) in 2017/2018.

Hui Min Goh: Part III undergraduate student (Christ's College) in 2018/2019.

Rebecca Graf: Erasmus student in 2018/2019.

Short-term visitors: 

Carlo di Giovanni: Visiting PhD student during Autumn 2011 from the group of Antoni Llobet (ICIQ Taragona, Spain).

Christopher Windle: Visiting PhD student during Summer 2011 and 2012 from the group of Robin Perutz (University of York, UK).

Debasmita Das: Postdoctoral Visitor in the group during Summer 2010. Debasmita stayed at Manchester to work with Prof. Mike Turner.