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We are interested in chemical aspects of energy and sustainability, in particular the conversion of solar energy into renewable fuels and value-added chemicals. Thus, electro- and photocatalysis are central to our work at the interface of synthetic chemistry, materials and nano-science, chemical biology and engineering. A central theme is the study and mimicry of natural processes such as plant photosynthesis and enzymes to produce a so-called solar fuel - a sustainable fuel derived from solar energy and an effectively inexhaustible raw material....

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September 2017

Sarah L. defends her MPhil thesis on 'Photosystem II photoelectrochemistry' and starts as PhD student at College de France. Ana Rita Oliveira visits our laboratory from Lisbon, Portugal. Geani Ucoski receives a CNPq postdoctoral fellowship and will join us from Brazil early next year. Jenny's paper on "photoelectrochemistry with cyanobacteria" published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. (to paper). Bertrand and Khoa's paper on "tunable product selectivity with an immobilised Mn catalyst" published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. (to paper). Katherine's paper on "TiO2-catechol hybrids" accepted in Chem. Commun. (to paper). Collaborative paper with the Jeuken and Butt groups on photo-catalysis by non-photosynthetic mircoorganisms" published in ACS Catalysis (to paper).

August 2017

Dave's and Moritz's biomass photoreforming work featured in Astana Expo2017 under the theme of Future Energy.

July 2017

Jane wins 'ISF-2 Best of the Young Presentation' and Jenny wins 'Best Poster in Chemical and Biological Approaches' at ISF-2 Young in San Diego.

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