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October 2016: We set up our new laboratory and office dedicated to photocatalysis.

Left-hand bay Left-hand bay Office space

November 2014: We set up our new Materials bay (our 3rd bay) for preparation and study of catalytic surfaces

Materials bay Materials bay Materials bay

March 2014: Lab tour and experiments during visit of the Christian Doppler Laboratory by Industry, Politics and Press (see
here; photos courtesy of OMV).

Cambridge Tour Hydrogen Bubbles Group Photo

July 2013: Recent Photos of the Lab in Use.

Chris and Jenny Light
                  Experiment Column

April 2012: Lab Tour and Experiments in the framework of the  Inauguration of Christian Doppler Laboratory.

  doppler lab  bubbles   red light    

April 2012:  Office and New Laboratory Space for Synthesis (our 2nd bay), Materials Chemistry and Equipment space for the Doppler Laboratory.

office   synthetic bay   equipment room  

Lab 303: New labspace for BioElectrochemistry! Still empty, but already cleaned.

Bio lab
                  1 Bio lab 2

Cambridge Science Festival 2011: Claire headed our effort to prepare Solar Cells made from Berries!

Science Festival Science Festival logo

Cambridge lab 318 in December 2010 (left: Synthesis bay, middle: Synthetic glovebox, right: Analytical room 321).

                  facilities  glovebox  Analytic Facilities

We build again - our new (empty) space in Cambridge and the lab move (26/10/2010).

Do you wonder how our glovebox was moved to the third floor? Have a look here

                move laboratory laboratory

Manchester lab GE.004 in October 2010 (left: 2010 Nobel prize laureate K. Novoselov with Nicoleta; middle: 25/10 morning; right: 25/10 afternoon).

Kostya Novoselov  morning  Lab

Laboratory space at The University of Manchester (2010) 

Rotavap glovebox fume hoods GC and solar light simulator

The University of Manchester, School of Chemistry and early days of our lab (2009/2010)

university School of
                Chemistry Boxes in lab glovebox

Here are some pictures of Manchester (2009/2010): Beetham Tower (left), Pubs in Castlefield and in the City Centre (middle), and the Manchester bee

beetham vs old pub pub Bee